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In a Digital World, Why Promotional Marketing?

In today’s day and age with nearly everything we need “just one click away” it can often be hard to validate and justify promotional marketing products.  (Why buy a pen when you can buy ad space on facebook?)  I hate to break it to you, but promotional marketing is still the most “bang for your […]

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October Vendor Show

Hi Everyone! Keep your eyes open for your invitation to our Bi-Annual Vendor Show!  The next one is being held on October 18th, and it promises new and exciting vendors and products, as well as a few surprises throughout the day! If you want to be added to our invitation list, send us a message, […]

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Why We Ask for Vector Art

Knowing what Vector Images are and what Pixel Images are are crucial to the world of advertising. Most companies, like Graphcoline, ask for “straight-line text or camera-ready art”, which basically means that the artwork has crisp, straight lines, and is not pixelated. In computer graphics, a raster graphics image, or bitmap, is a dot matrix […]

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Check the Scale

The Price vs. Worth scale that is.  When it comes to promotional products deciding whether price or perceived value is more important is always a challenge, especially in this economy. Here is one way to achieve a high perceived value without breaking the bank: Instead of order regular old plastic pens, order pens that double […]

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