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Ideas that Click!

How one realtor found a great (and inexpensive) way to keep her name in front of potential clients…  Sarah is an expert on listing and selling homes in a large gated retirement community. The complex has a country club and restaurant on site. She makes sure that all waitstaff & golf personnel have a steady supply of […]

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Time for an Eco-Friendly Watch!

In recent years companies have invented everything from biodegradable trash bags to fabrics and now it is “time ” to add watches to the list.      This is “The Sprout” which features a corn resin case, buckle and matching bezel, an organic cotton strap and a bamboo dial.  It comes in lots of fun colors […]

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Great Golf Items

Ok, so the heat wave here in New England might have even die-hard golfers heading to the club house, but we found a few items that we think are so cool we just couldn’t wait for the heat wave to break to share them!  The GClip is one of the most useful golf items to come […]

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A Sweet Reminder

Do you want your clients and prospects to look forward to your visits?  Here’s a way to be sure it happens – everytime!  Deliver a candy jar full of candy and tell them that if they keep the jar on their desk you will bring them a refill when you stop in to see them.  […]

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