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Starting Fresh

It’s just below freezing with snow expected at the main NEPM office and Wilbraham MA.  With this crappy weather, we’re all dreaming of spring, Peter Cottontail, rain that DOESN’T freeze, and being able to see the green grass again.  We all have out thoughts set on the new beginnings spring brings.  (Even if it is […]

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What NEPM Does in a Snow Storm

Here’s the 5 step way to handle a Snow Storm, NEPM style. 1. Drive as Fast as you can! – After all, this could be the next snowtober, and we all need to charge those phones, laptops, iPads, etc.  And lets be honest, doing donuts in “wintery mix” conditions only makes it that much more […]

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New Year!!

We are officially one week into 2013!  Congratulations on surviving the December 21st Apocalypse everyone!  Here at NEPM, we were hunkered down in a bunker 12 feet beneath the surface, eating only canned beans and salted meats, and using our stock pile of various promotional flashlights to light our way.  Currently we are all water […]

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25 Days of Deals

Starting on December 1st  (Saturday) we will be launching “25 Days of Deals” a Facebook EXCLUSIVE deal program.  Once an item is posted, the deal will go on for one week, and one week only.  There will be all kinds of items, so be sure to check back daily. Become our friend on Facebook,and you’ll […]

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