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New Year!!

We are officially one week into 2013!  Congratulations on surviving the December 21st Apocalypse everyone!  Here at NEPM, we were hunkered down in a bunker 12 feet beneath the surface, eating only canned beans and salted meats, and using our stock pile of various promotional flashlights to light our way. 

Currently we are all water bloated from the continuous consumption of salty items, and back in our main office still waiting for our eyes to adjust to the natural sunlight. 

In any case, we were relieved and happy to see the dawn on December 22nd, and we’re even more happy to have started this new year off well.

Thank you to everyone who made 2012 such a big year for us!  We hope that you had a great year as well.  Send us an email or comment on this post with your best story of 2012, or your general successes. 

Cheers to a bigger, better, and brighter 2013!!!!


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