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The Nitty-Gritty in Numbers

Social engineering conceptYou can say something works or is “proven” all you like, but without the data to back it up, you’re just flapping your gums.

So here are the cold-hard facts when it comes to promotional product marketing.

In a study*  it was found that….

People keep them.

94% of participants reported could recall a promotional product they had received within the last 2 years.

74% could recall the company, the product or service and the message advertised on the item.

And they like them.

83% of respondents LIKE receiving a product with an advertising message.

48% want to get them more often!

49% aren’t bothered by seeing a corporate logo on an item

38% feel that promotional products serve as a constant reminder of the advertiser.

And they definitely make an impression.

58% keep a promotional product anywhere from 1 year to 4.

21% will keep the item for more than 4 years.

More than 50% had a favorable impression of the advertiser. This opposed to 33.2% who had seen a print ad, 27.7% who had seen a tv commercial and 11.9% who had seen an online advertisement.

Better yet…a mere 23.1% of those recipients of promotional items did not take action after seeing the advertisement, that’s the smallest percentage across all 4 mediums researched.

*These statistics are the findings of an independent study conducted by MarketTool Inc. The sample was 1,005 people who recalled receiving a promotional product in the last 24 months.

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