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Our Mission

Our home, a 110-year-old former church, exemplifies NEPM’s values. This historic site has been beautifully renovated, but still retains the architectural charm of an earlier time. We pride ourselves in offering old-fashioned customer service supported by cutting edge technology and processes.

The rationale for any corporate identity is rooted in the truth of its mission and its plan for the future. In times past, marketing/selling in the “Yankee” tradition was one-on-one, a face-to-face buying and selling transaction a value many companies have lost in today’s day and time. At NEPM, we treat all of our customers like members of our close-knit NEPM family.  So you’ll be responded to promptly, you’ll be able to speak with a real person when you call, and we will do whatever we can to help you receive the perfect products for your company and mission.  In early American history, the Yankee Peddler delivered his meticulously arranged goods by horse drawn wagon. How appropriate to use this time honored image and profession to represent the NEPM Corporate Identity! When you do business with NEPM today, you still receive the same genuine interest and respect that was valued by companies in early American times.  We may not distribute by horse and wagon anymore, but we will still deliver every product with pride.