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Top 5 Types of Promotional Items Owned

Graphic11. Writing Instruments – Writing Instruments are a necessity.  And if you look at all of the pens you own, there will most likely be at least one with a promotional logo on it.  Pens are still number one in a technology based world because no matter how hard we try to go completely paperless, there is always something to sign. 
2. Shirts – Have you ever seen someone wearing your favorite band’s shirt?  You immediately recognize it, remember your favorite song, and reminisce on the good times that band brought you.  It’s the same with businesses.  If someone recognizes a logo presented clearly on a shirt, it triggers an individuals memory. 
3. Calendars – Though we have our day planners in our smartphones now, most individuals will still present a calendar somewhere in their office.  Whether it be one for a desk or a wall, it’s still visible to visitors of the office.  Their also a strong cost leader in the promotional market.
4. Bags – Everything from plastic grocery store-esque bags to lap-top bags.  It’s a wide range, but all options are useful and often necessary to almost everyone in American society.  This causes, at least the non-plastic bags, to be saved and utilized until they are no longer viable.
5. Caps – Whether its a baseball team, a golf tournament, or a ski outing, caps are one of the most viable promotional items.  Depending on the connection with the organization, people will hold onto these items for years.  Thus making them so popular.



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One Response to “Top 5 Types of Promotional Items Owned”

  1. Sue Maki April 18, 2012 3:47 pm

    I absolutely cherish the gorgeous Waterman Pen Kathy Selvia presented to me on my 10th anniversary with NEPM. I always have it with me in my purse and it reminds me of all the wonderful clients and friends I have made in my job over the past 23 years!! Considering that the pen is now 13 years old and I use it multiple times daily, the price of the pen has more than paid for itself in the warm fuzzy feelings I get when I hold it! This is a reminder to take the time to let your employees know how much you appreciate them–especially because this is employee appreciation month!