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Weekender Bag

We know what you’re thinking….yeah right! When most people think of promotional products they think of pens, stickers and t-shirts. Sure, we have all of those things if that’s what you want. But there are also plenty of modern, trendy and hip (yes, hip) promo products available that you might not have thought of.

Here’s the thing, trendy products attract a younger audience. An audience that DVR’s everything and fast-forwards through commercials, listens to Pandora, I Heart Radio or Milk instead of the radio and doesn’t  pick up a newspaper unless it’s to recycle  their parents subscription or nab some coupons.

Perhaps the best part about this audience is that they haven’t had the life experience to build loyalty to one company or another. Where their parents may have their car guy, jewelry guy, money guy or lawyer, an 18-30 year-old, probably doesn’t. Say hello to opportunity!!!

One of the first things that come to mind when you think modern products are electronics. So why not market yourself with something that can be used with a tablet or mobile phone. There are TONS of options, from ear buds, to tablet sleeves, phone wallets, cleaning wipes, portable chargers, adapters for charging gadgets in the car, phone cases, stands, styluses and we could go on and on and on.

But gadget geared items aren’t the only way you can attract that hard-to-reach demographic. There are also trendy wearables, like off-the –shoulder tees for ladies, performance wear for men or women, sweats, and yoga pants. These are items every young adult owns and wants more of. Plus gorgeous bags (like the one pictured here) that every lady is sure to love.

And for the heath conscious consumers there are plenty of options as well. Bottles for protein shakes or with fruit baskets to flavor water, pedometers including FitBits or Jawbones, health and wellness kits, workout bands, weighted exercise balls, yoga mats and more.

The thing about any of these ideas is that they won’t end up in the garbage. To young adults all of these items have a value, even if they are relatively inexpensive. So take advantage and dominate a demographic that dodges traditional advertising left and right with items you can afford.


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