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What NEPM Does in a Snow Storm

Here’s the 5 step way to handle a Snow Storm, NEPM style.

1. Drive as Fast as you can! – After all, this could be the next snowtober, and we all need to charge those phones, laptops, iPads, etc.  And lets be honest, doing donuts in “wintery mix” conditions only makes it that much more fun. 

2. Wear shorts, t-shirts, and sandals. – There’s a Christmas in July, so why not an August in January?  Besides we all want to see how well those little shorts fit after the holiday season and the failed New Year’s resolutions.  Break out the hangers and invite some friends over, that zipper is going up no matter what.

3. Stay In. – Theres really nothing THAT important to do today, so stay at home, eat some cheetos, watch a lifetime movie, promise yourself you’ll jog on the treadmill after you finish that sleeve of oreos, tell yourself you’ll clean the house after the lifetime movie marathon.  Oh, and sleep in, the pets and kids can feed themselves today…

4. Shovel. – Or say your going to, then just make the little foot path to your car and back.

5. Shop – Online shopping is one of God’s gifts to man.  You can but anything without stepping foot outside.  Buy new pajamas from your bed!  That, is just a beautiful thing. 

Best of luck facing Snow Storm Helen.  If you need additional tips and guidance just give us a call, we’ll do out best to help.  At least, as much as we can do from home.


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